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Address: No.6 South Hangtian Road,

Chengdu National Economic and 

Technological Development Zone,


About us

About us

    Founded in 1993, Chengdu Xingyu Precision Casting is located in Chengdu National Economic and Technological Development Zone. CXPC is a foundation of manufacturing, study and exploration and is expertise at sodium silicate casting, ludox casting, aluminum alloy casting and model manufacturing.

    Covering an area of 9600m2, CXPC has 106 employees, 2000 ton/year capacity and has over 160 equipments including auto jet waxing machine, steam dewaxing boiler, shell furnace and melting furnace. CXPC found a physicochemical laboratory, which has over 20 testing equipments including spectral analysis instrument, infrared thermometer, mechanical performance experimental machine, three coordinate detector and metallographic analyzer.